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So What is Financial Freedom?

💸💸 Passive Income 💸💸

📬 Mailbox Money 💲💲

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦 More Family Time 👶 

🌴 More Free Time

Less Stress 👿🔜😄

No J.O.B = Just Over Broke

They 🤣😆 Laughed 😂🤣At Me When I Started My Real Estate Business...

... but then!

Here's a Snapshot of our 
Current Business

  • 250+ Doors in our Rental Portfolio
  • We Flip 75+ Houses Annually
  • We Wholesale 125+ Houses Annually
  • ​Active Hard Money Lending Biz with $13M under Construction
  • ​Active Brokerage with over $60M projected for 2020

NOW... my goal MISSION is to Help YOU Achieve FINANCIAL FREEDOM!!!

So here's the deal... there's about a million online "Guru's" who sell courses for $25k+. Truth is most of those guru's haven't been active in the marketplace for YEARS!!  We are ACTIVELY doing deals EVERY SINGLE DAY! If you want real-life experience and education from Pro's who Actually Walk the Talk, KEEP READING!


  • Cash Flow from Rents Collected                                                          💲💰💰💲
  • Asset Appreciation = 4% avg. Value Increase since 1900                 📈📈📈
  • Paydown =  Tenants Pay Down Your Mortgages                                📉📉📉
  • Tax Benefits = Depreciation on Every Property You Own             💸💸 💸💸
  • Tangible Assets: Controlling Your Own Destiny                            🏡🏠🏡🏠
  • Leverage: Equity Creates More Opportunity                                 😃😃😃😃

Did You Know?

1. Real Estate is considered the most Proven Method of Investing on the planet with the Highest Success Rate and Highest long-term Returns.

2. 90% of Millionaires in North America grew their wealth through

So what are your thoughts about Real Estate Investing?









Whatever You Are Feeling... IT'S OK!!!

See What Others Are Saying About
Live Rental Academy

“Here’s what I love about Live Rental Academy – there’s a lot of big AHA moments but there are a ton of little AHA moments that really help me make my business run quicker, better, more efficient and helps us avoid mistakes. It’s an accumulation of all these impactful things that I really enjoy and get a lot of value from.”
“I love being able to ask questions and get feedback – I also love the tips and tricks that help you take it to the next level. The content is very actionable, especially when you’re trying to upgrade your systems and processes.”
As an experienced investor and landlord, I was skeptical about the value of Live Rental Academy.  But Wow!  I was blown away by the content and expertise in the resources and videos.  Thanks guys!  This has really helped me take my game to the next level."
“Live Rental Academy was TREMENDOUS in helping me build on the rental portfolio I already had. The perspectives, tips and tricks saved me a ton of money and SO much time! Thank you, FasterFreedom!”
“The biggest thing is being able to ask questions and learn from other people’s mistakes. That way I don’t have to make those same mistakes in my business! I really feel like FasterFreedom does everything they can to help me be successful.” 
"I was TERRIFIED of doing my first deal.  I must have watched and re-watched the Live Rental Academy videos a hundred times.  Only when I found the courage to do my first deal did I really see what these guys were talking about.  Learn the material and trust the process!"


  • Cash Flow                                💲💰💰💲
  • Asset Appreciation                  📈📈📈
  • Paydown                                  📉📉📉
  • Tax Benefits                          💸💸💸💸
  • Tangible Asset                    🏡🏠🏡🏠
  • Leverage                             😃😃😃😃


Live Rental Academy isn't what I would call "Cheap"... and we do that on purpose because this training shows you how to get the results you desire... but its a Way better value than those gurus who sell their programs for tens of thousands!  
It's a small investment in yourself that pays huge dividends in your future.
One that will pay you back for the rest of your life by letting you make a difference in the World... with a business that lets you live the life you want!
It's a transformation that frees you from the employee mindset that keeps you stuck and struggling... and lets you become a leader in your market.
And when you weigh all that against the investment and what it will do for you and your future, then it's an easy choice.
And because I'm committed to making the new Live Rental Academy as accessible as possible so as many budding entrepreneurs who want to, can use it to make their financial dreams a reality....
Live Rental Academy is being offered for 6 easy monthly installments of $499.50 with 0% Financing... until the end of 2020!! 


0% Financing

(Just $499.50 Today)

For questions or help with your purchase call FasterFreedom HQ @ 713-249-8161


Below is a list of the most common questions we're asked. If for some odd reason you don't see your question, just email Shehzad, our Director of Operations ( or call 314-375-2393 so we can assist you.  Cool?

Questions about

Questions about Buying Houses

Questions about Rehabbing Houses

  • Can I do this without any money?        YES! Our system teaches and preaches how to build your portfolio using OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY! Simply put, OPM is all about finding the right blend of private money and hard money.
  • Do I have to Pay a Down Payment?       NO! We will teach you the BRRRR system where you put $0 down of your own money!
  • What if I have Bad Credit or No Credit?  We show you how to build your credit so you can utilize the BRRRR method. Until we get your credit score to 650+, we’ll show you how to wholesale houses and flip houses. These 2 methods don’t require credit.
  • How do I find a Great Deal? We show you how to connect with the right players in your market to get access to deals.
  • How do I know which Houses to Buy? We show you how to analyze properties to identify good rentals. Through multiple case studies and deal analysis, we’ll give you the practice you need to confidently select the best properties to build your portfolio.
  • How do I finance the Property short-term until it's time to Refinance? We show you how to find private lenders and hard-money lenders.
  • How do I calculate Rehab costs? You get full access to our calculators and spreadsheets that detail exactly how we figure rehab costs.   
  • How do I find Honest, Trustworthy Contractors? We show you how to find great contractors, organize a scope of work and get multiple bids on your first few projects. You will get access to all of our contractor agreements/templates. We provide trainings from case studies of real-life examples so you can develop a comfort level to get started finding your ROCK-STAR contractor team!
  • How do I rehab the property to Minimize Maintenance down the road? We show you how to “Bulletproof” your houses to minimize maintenance, thus decreasing maintenance costs.

Questions about Renting Houses to Tenants

Questions about Refinancing Houses

Questions about Repeating the Process

  • How do I find good Tenants? You get our tenant application and all of our methods around screening tenants including rental history, income, credit score.
  • Where do I find a Lease Agreement? You get our lease agreement templates. We’ve refined and fine-tuned these agreements over the past 16 years to optimize protection and minimize liability.
  • How do I collect Rents and get Paid on Time? We provide you with our best practices so you can get paid!
  • Why do I need to Refinance? Once the house is rehabbed and then rented to a tenant, we need to move from OPM which is short-term financing to a refinance which is long-term financing (mortgage).
  • How do I find the right Bank to Refinance? We give you our strategies to find the right banking relationships. More importantly, we’ll give you the strategy behind building those relationships over time to deliver max value.
  • How do I know what to say to the Bank? You get all of our bank presentations to show them project-specific financing as well as annual updates, which bankers love! The key is to present in a professional, concise manner so banks will know you mean business.
  • How do I Streamline so I can Scale Quickly? We show you how! The first time you do anything, it’ll be clunky and new, right? Using our methods plus your own learnings through experience, we should have your systems and processes streamlined after a couple times through the process.
  • Can I do Multiple Projects at Once? ABSOLUTELY! That is the best way to scale your business to achieve Financial Freedom!
  • What happens if the Real Estate market tanks? The value of the home only matters when you actually buy or sell – if you have tenants paying rent, value fluctuations do not impact your daily operations.


0% Financing

(Just $499.50 Today)

For questions or help with your purchase call FasterFreedom HQ @ 713-249-8161

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